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Dave Savage

Dave Savage

I’ve worked in technology recruitment (with Harvey Nash) for a decade, in that time the tech scene has changed radically and is so different to the one I was initially thrown into.

I find it remarkable just how many companies and people work in isolation. So I created Tech Talks, podcasts from inspiring figures from all sorts of exciting backgrounds, sharing stories from across the sector. It can only help.

I’m a salesperson, but I love content. I spend a lot of time sharing and commenting on pieces about tech and love creating good content.

Outside of my work I like to write (more content but the fictional variety). I have a lifelong love-affair with Newcastle United. I’m married, have a ginger cat, and live in West London spending time messing about in my garden.

Follow me on Twitter @davesavage_1984

Jack Pearce

Jack Pearce

I’ve worked for Harvey Nash for nearly 3 years in the Client Engagement / Bid team as a Senior Bid and Content Writer.

I have to write a lot about tech trends and the latest advancements in the area, but I will happily admit I am not a tech expert as such! That said, I do have a passion for technology and how it serves us on a day to day basis, how it improves our livelihood and how new innovations can change perspectives and ideals.

I’m a writer so like to think I have a creative spark, outside of work I try to compose poems, short stories and blogs in my spare time – but a true reflection of myself can be found on my twitter @jackpearce22, typically I am moaning about my beloved Arsenal or quoting David Brent.

I’m an avid fan of a gritty series or an engrossing film, especially Sci-Fi, Crime and Comedy; Westworld being a recent favourite, if you’re a fan of Augmented Reality it doesn’t get better than that. All techies should also watch Silicon Valley and Black Mirror.

Due to my age and upbringing I am something of millennial lefty. Every week on the show I will be talking with Dave and bringing a new ‘tech product’ to discuss, Dave usually thinks the tech is unnecessary but I do my best to persuade him otherwise...