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Who are you listening to, and why do they do it?

founder of Tech Talks Podcast series

David Savage

David started his career as a technology recruiter, and spent a decade exploring the role people play in shaping the sector.

3 years’ ago he felt that there was a lack of content available for leaders in the space, nothing explored the challenges they face without adding an instagram gloss to events. So David launched Tech Talks, a podcast offering honest insight and a community leaders could tap into.

The series has evolved and expanded, with over 200 technology leaders interviewed and 9500 monthly listeners. On the back of Tech Talks David was recognised by Computing.co.uk as 2018’s Digital Ambassador of the Year.

He has a passion for tech, sci-fi, Newcastle United and truly awful films.
Co-Presenter & Collaborator

Jack Pearce

I’ve worked for Harvey Nash for nearly 3 years in the Client Engagement / Bid team as a Senior Bid and Content Writer.

I have to write a lot about tech trends and the latest advancements in the area, but I will happily admit I am not a tech expert as such! That said, I do have a passion for technology and how it serves us on a day to day basis, how it improves our livelihood and how new innovations can change perspectives and ideals.

I’m a writer so like to think I have a creative spark; outside of work I try to compose poems, short stories and blogs in my spare time.  I’m an avid fan of a gritty series or an engrossing film, especially Sci-Fi, Crime and Comedy; Westworld being a recent favourite, if you’re a fan of Augmented Reality it doesn’t get better than that. All techies should also watch Silicon Valley and Black Mirror.

Due to my age and upbringing I am something of millennial lefty. Every week on the show I will be talking with Dave and bringing a new ‘tech product’ to discuss, Dave usually thinks the tech is unnecessary but I do my best to persuade him otherwise...

Ryder Barnes

Ryder joined the Tech Talks team after completing a degree in web media.

He’s always just off camera keeping Dave and Jack on message; filming videos, planning photo ‘shoots’ and coordinating content to share alongside the podcast across our social media channels. He’s the glue between what we do and our audience!  

Ryder still loves listening to the pod (despite the hosts) thanks to the amazing stories our guests have to share. 

According to Twitter he’s keen on “long walks on the beach, a good book and red wine”. But he wrote that aged 15 so can forgive him.

More recently he’s been mad about music, cooking, David Attenborough and Louis Theroux documentaries, and Spurs; nobody’s perfect.

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What is Harvey Nash?

David and Jack both work for the Harvey Nash Group; a global professional recruitment business. As they say in the pod, the business pays their wages and supports this community!

Since 1988, Harvey Nash has suppported many of the world's top organisations, helping them source, recruit and manage the highly-skilled talent they need.

We are proud to be different with relationships and a reputation built on a flexible and innovative approach to business.

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