Growing Pains

(or how you build a business)

We're talking to growing tech companies

All the "how we built this..." guides and blogs are written after the events happened. It makes sense, what founder has time to write a weekly blog on top of all the other battles that need to be fought? So we're helping out. Here are articles written in real time, week-by-week, focused on the issues a technology entrepreneur really faces. The building blocks of success.

Howdy, partner.

A key route to success in the current technology landscape is through partnerships, big and small. The good news for a startup like ours is that CEOs agree. According to KPMG’s 2018 Global CEO Outlook Survey 61% of CEOs in the UK are relying on a network of third-parties to support their growth. What opportunities does that present for us and what challenges do we have to overcome?

Which Hat Shall I Wear Today?

This week Yo-Da founders Benjamin Falk and Edoardo Paluan found themselves stretched in all directions whilst settling into life on Launch at Entrepreneur First and the GovStart programme at PUBLIC.

Growth Hacks? Not so Fast

Do you know how long someone is likely to spend on your website? According to Nielsen Norman Group, 10 to 20 seconds. You put all that effort into building a site to showcase your business, and you get very little time to make an impression. And worse, once those people have visited your site, if you didn't convert them into customers the first time, you likely will not get another chance.

The Doppler Effect

Last week Yo-Da we were in full celebration mode. It's important to celebrate big milestones, and we'd secured investment and were about to start life at PUBLIC. We were (and still are, of course) excited. But what we've learned very quickly is that success creates new challenges, almost immediately.

Say hello to Yo-Da

Yo-Da (Your Data) are on a mission to help consumers take back control of their data by building a smart personal data protection bot. In this blog Ben Falk, Co-Founder and CEO, shares weekly updates as we chart their company building story from funding into the future.

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