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A customer landscape with shrinking horizons?

Are tech businesses ignoring customers, and how long will consumers accept the current state of affairs?

Beware Autopilot: What are the implications of business turning to automation?

At the beginning of the lockdown a report appeared in The Guardian with the headline, “Bosses speed up automation as virus keeps workers home”. The article centred around a report from EY claiming livelihoods were at risk as 41% of employers prepare for life after the crisis. But why is automation now being seen as the silver bullet, and at what cost financially, culturally and across society?

Pipe Dreams (or how to engage with the next generation of tech workers).

For seven years I’ve been actively involved in a survey that tracks the participation of women in the technology sector. Year-on-year it’s the easiest data set to predict; because sadly nothing ever changes. So how can enterprise business attract a more diverse set of employees and increase inclusion in tech?

Looking for some WFH solutions to help family and professional life?

Whilst we’re in lockdown simple everyday activities now require a little more thought. How do we entertain and educate children? How do we exercise? How do we get hold of good reading material? Are we sure we’re working in a secure environment?

Technology, the Good Shepherd - How are rural communities facing life in isolation

How is technology being used in rural communities to keep isolated villages connected? Are traditional institutions missing a chance to reach new audiences?

“Better work in the gig economy”: Doteveryone calls on the government to give gig workers back hope and dignity.

The responsible technology think tank has published a new report into working conditions across the gig economy, and set out recommendations designed for the ‘furthest first’.

Femtech is more than organic tampons and smart vibrators, period.

Women’s health companies are rejecting euphemisms and shame to innovate an industry that’s been neglected for far too long.

Street Smarts for Smart Citizens

‘Smart cities’ is a phrase you often here, but what does it actually mean? Is it the technology itself or the services that tech enables making a difference to someone’s life on the street?

Five things we’ve learnt during London Tech Week

What did you get up to as the capital (and country) came together to talk about technology? Here are some thoughts from the Tech Talks team.

Move fast and break things... you'll be left behind paying the price.

There is a new paradigm driving talent retention. If you think how much you're paying staff is what's keeping them in situ, think again.

Is London Still Attracting All The Northern Kids?

London has been the top destination for young people for years. Are tech companies outside London making themselves an attractive enough destination to challenge that trend?

Millennials are soooo last century...

It's time millennials realised that we're not the ones setting the future agenda. Gen Z have a different view of the world.

OKRA Technologies named best female-led European startup.

OKRA Technologies’ recognition shines a light on a number of trailblazing companies, and women. But more can be done to support their growth.

Tranquillity Base Hotel + Casino

A Beautiful Marriage of the Arts, Love and Tech

Twisted Fyrestarter

Founders can learn a lot from FYRE’s failure

The Rise of GovTech

How Technology Is Transforming Government.

What's going on in tech? - 16 Jan 2019

Lets face it, the UK is in the midst of political shambles right now. I’m not even going to mention the B-word, because I’m sure you are sick of hearing it too.

What’s going on in tech? - 9th Jan 2019

Walking cars, a fracking ban and David Bowie in AR.

What’s going on in tech? - 14th Dec 2018

The sounds of martian winds, Google holds onto its facial recognition tech and Youtube predicts Christmas.

How tech can help us be happier at work

Everybody deserves to be happy at work. We spend the majority of our time in the workplace, so if its getting us down, it has the potential to affect our entire wellbeing.

What’s going on in tech? - 30th Nov 2018

Uber fines, political Facebook ads and genetically modified babies - this is your weekly tech news roundup from Tech Talks.

The Best Side-Events (I've found) During WebSummit 2018

Arranging your time in Lisbon is tough, and not all the action happens around the main venue. Here are some networking events/dinners you might want to check out!

Five Questions to Ask the Tech Industry in 2019

It’s hard to make accurate predictions in an industry that evolves so rapidly. Doesn't mean I won't try...

The Web Summit Survival Guide: 2018

I was a first time visitor to Web Summit last year, and fell in love with Lisbon. I wanted to pass on a few observations for fellow first time attendees, and anyone returning to the summit. You might have missed out on it's better features! Enjoy!

Lost in Translation

An American in Paris… or London and Berlin might face the same issue. Language. What language do you use when talking to investors, and what about conversations with consumers?

Howdy, partner.

A key route to success in the current technology landscape is through partnerships, big and small. The good news for a startup like ours is that CEOs agree. According to KPMG’s 2018 Global CEO Outlook Survey 61% of CEOs in the UK are relying on a network of third-parties to support their growth. What opportunities does that present for us and what challenges do we have to overcome?

Which Hat Shall I Wear Today?

This week Yo-Da founders Benjamin Falk and Edoardo Paluan found themselves stretched in all directions whilst settling into life on Launch at Entrepreneur First and the GovStart programme at PUBLIC.

Growth Hacks? Not so Fast

Do you know how long someone is likely to spend on your website? According to Nielsen Norman Group, 10 to 20 seconds. You put all that effort into building a site to showcase your business, and you get very little time to make an impression. And worse, once those people have visited your site, if you didn't convert them into customers the first time, you likely will not get another chance.

The Doppler Effect

Last week Yo-Da we were in full celebration mode. It's important to celebrate big milestones, and we'd secured investment and were about to start life at PUBLIC. We were (and still are, of course) excited. But what we've learned very quickly is that success creates new challenges, almost immediately.

Say hello to Yo-Da

Yo-Da (Your Data) are on a mission to help consumers take back control of their data by building a smart personal data protection bot. In this blog Ben Falk, Co-Founder and CEO, shares weekly updates as we chart their company building story from funding into the future.
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