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Looking for some WFH solutions to help family and professional life?

Whilst we’re in lockdown simple everyday activities now require a little more thought. How do we entertain and educate children? How do we exercise? How do we get hold of good reading material? Are we sure we’re working in a secure environment?

Thankfully, across nearly 300 episodes, we’ve met a few companies that offer solutions to these issues. Whilst they weren’t designed with a pandemic in mind, suddenly the services they offer are even more relevant to our day-to-day life! 

With that in mind we got our heads together to bring you our rundown of the top 10 pandemic busting companies and products we’ve featured on the show! (Click on the headings to jump to the specific podcast).

  1. Azoomee (published 5th December 2017)

Azoomee is Netflix for kids. Born out of Douglas’ love of gaming, he and his wife Estelle have built a product that teaches children digital norms, it's educational (through its games) and is packed with content. It’s bound to be a lifesaver if you have a 6 year old who is driving you a little bit crazy right now!

  1. OLIO (published 1st November 2018)

We’re all aware that food is a premium right now. Supermarkets have taken an extra £2bn as people panic and stock up on essentials. But the darker side is much of that will go to waste, and there is surplus across our society whilst A&E doctors are struggling to get a proper meal! Step forward OLIO who are currently mobilising an army of volunteers to Share More, Waste Less:

  1. The Caffeine Partnership (published 5th August 2019)

Lots of people are reading more at the moment, which is both unsurprising and heartening. I’ve got loads sitting on the shelf I haven’t got round to picking up. However, if you’re looking for something new, Sophie Devonshire’s “Superfast: Lead at Speed”. It has been shortlisted as the “The Best Leadership Book” and I picked out a few take-aways over the course of this episode of the show:

  1. Tickr (published 15th July 2019)

Caveat first, I know this is a difficult financial time for many people so I don’t want this to appear out of touch or insensitive, but some people are faced with a paycheque and little usual vices to spend it on. So why not invest in something ethical that does the planet good, not harm  Step forward Tickr (an enthical investing platform). We’ve all seen the dramatic fall in the level of air pollution, let’s hope it’s a catalyst for a more sustainable future:

  1. Cygenta (published 12th August 2019)

Have you ever considered that whilst working from home you aren’t in the most secure environment? Connected devices have exploded, and many of them represent a broadening of the threats that can be posed to an organisation. For example I have three smart speakers in my house that can hear every confidential conversation I have. We are all making our organisations a little bit more vulnerable…

  1. HowNow (published 28th November 2017)

HowNow is a learning platform. Given that some of us are a little quieter than we usually are, any platform that allows you to engage with staff, and develop their skill sets is worth exploring. The offering has changed slightly since our chat with Nelson (there is now a greater focus on business environments) but it gives food for thought regarding some of the more casual learning available on channels like YouTube; now might be the time for a new hobby, or the moment to learn to code! 

  1. School of SOS (published 2nd December 2019)

Want to learn to dance like Beyonce? School of SOS is Bonnie Lister Parson’s online evolution of ‘Seen on Screen’, and it’s positioning the platform as the Netflix of dance! During the COVID-19 crisis the SOS Queens have taken to Instagram live to teach you how to dance like your favourite diva from home!

  1. Balpro (published 21st November 2019)

Mental health has been talked about a lot in recent weeks, and with good reason. I’m including our chat with Amber in the list because of its openness and honesty. Mental health can affect anyone, and right now we need to be looking out for each other. Balpro is certainly worth the time, encouraging businesses to take care of their staff and protect business goals:


  1. Imagineactive (published 4th October 2019)  

It feels like the world is falling apart, but in the Apocalypse Survival Training app, it really is. London has been invaded by Gremlin-like aliens and your avatar can save us all... via exercise! Looking to spice up your running, or need a push for your circuits? Adele and the team add narrative to exercise, and help make it an immersive experience:

  1. Perlego (published 19th August 2019)

Perlego is helping students of all ages get access to books! I remember the horrors of not being able to get the textbook I needed from the library… well now you can’t even get to the library! Gauthier and the team are making academic textbooks available online for a monthly subscription. The company has also just announced a partnership with Vodafone to bring free learning tools to millions more via a 6-week trial:  

There are over 280 episodes of Tech Talks now out there for you to explore, so this is just a little taster. But if you do enjoy what you’ve seen, subscribe and rate for the latest content! We're in all good podcast places.

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