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The Best Side-Events (I've found) During WebSummit 2018

Arranging your time in Lisbon is tough, and not all the action happens around the main venue. Here are some networking events/dinners you might want to check out!

Web Summit has four halls, and one arena… but Lisbon hosts so many other summit related events. Finding them can be tricky - but here are a few listed on Eventbrite/Meetup et al… you might want to check out as your sort out your calendar!

If anyone knows of other events worth sharing please, please do. I imagine this barely scratches the surface. Also, why not join this open slack channel to connect with people in Lisbon and get the most out of your trip?

Sunday 4th

Bring-a-random-friend"-Dinner (BARF): WebSummit 2018 Edition 4th November


I love this idea!! One of the trickiest things to do is meet people, so the idea of randomly bringing someone you don’t know to dinner means everyone is in the same boat and keen to chat and introduce each other. As a first time attendee last year, these kind of events were incredible!

WOW Dinner - The Only Women Event pre-dinner


Anything supporting inclusive and a diverse tech sector is worthy of checking out! Isabel van der Kolk is the founder and organiser, and here is a link to a little more info!

Monday 5th

Do Work You Love Breakfast


Arriving Sunday and looking for a decent start to your week in the City of Light? Check out this breakfast...

Techstars Meet and Greet Lisbon // Web Summit at Startup Lisboa


A chance to meet the Techstars MDs and programme staff. Given how many companies they’ve helped grow they’re worth attending a free event to chat to. A late lunch/networking session to ease you into new surroundings perhaps?

Lisbon Startup Tour 2018

A chance to find out why Lisbon is not simply the new Valley or the next Berlin. This tour aims to showcase why the city is viewed as one of the best emerging tech hubs in the world!

Unicorns & Indexes: a cocktail with Euronext and Beta-i


A lot of people don’t really understand innovation. Therefore events based around innovation with tips (whether you like them or not) is always handy!

Tuesday 6th

Canopy Lisbon Startup Series Demo Night LX21


An opportunity for local entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas and iterate. Could definitely be fun and informative!

MLOVE Salon Lisbon - presented by Hamburg Invest & Berlin Partner


Go to Lisbon, find out about Germany. Sure, why not?! But seriously, entrepreneurs talking about tech making the future better, we love. #techforgood

The Rendezvous Night


In Ministerium Club, it's a night kicking off at 10pm billed as a chance to relax and meet people, with multiple rooms to chill and/or dance.

Wednesday 7th

Underground Closing Party @ Web Summit by NOMADX


Wednesday AND Thursday night. Rooftop lounge, jazz band, free drinks. I’m in.

Women in Tech Awards | During Web Summit

€118.45 – €139.77

Again, over at Tech Talks we love to showcase diversity. The awards brings together some of the most innovative, entrepreneurial and inspiring women in tech together; like Polina Frolova-Montano (our podcast guests really are the best)!

European Startup & Scale-up Night


Tactical tips on growing your startup. Why wouldn’t that be useful?

Thursday 8th

music tech drinks


I'll be gone (gutted), but Lisbon is home to so much wicked music. This will be a great wind down at the end of the Summit. This event is in it's 3rd year, and invite only... so I'm quite pleased we're able to share this one with you!


Sign up to the alerts on Night Summit - in the evenings the conference spills out into the bars and clubs of Lisbon. Sunset Summit is a great way to get your night started, and meet new friends, before you grab food and head on out!

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