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Dr Hannah Allen

Associate Medical Director, Babylon Health

Dave Palmer

Director of Technology, Darktrace

Emily Foges

CEO, Luminance

Ranjdar Abass

Interim Head of Development, Settled

Tech Talks at the CIO Watercooler LIVE

Interviews from guests and speakers

Helene Guillaume

Founder, Wild AI

Tuesday's London Tech Week Special - Dan Thompson

CEO, Kluster

Alex Sullivan

Founder & CEO

Tech Talks Extra

The view from Level39 part 2

James Duez and James Loft

Chairman and CEO at Rainbird and Aigen

Olga Egorsheva

CEO and Co-Founder Lobster

Renaud Million


Andrea Picchi

Lead Exsperiance Designer at Sony Mobile

Keith McNeil


Scott Dodson

Chief Product Officer at Lingvist

Ali Parsa

CEO and Founder Babylon Health

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