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Interviews with creative technology leaders



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Alessandro Lisi

VP Technology, EF

Michel Spruijt

VP & GM Europe, Brain Corp

Nadine Thomson

Global CTO, MediaCom

Faisal Abbasi

Managing Director, IPsoft UK & Ireland

Jason Brennan

CEO, Luminance

David Excell

Founder, Featurespace

Riham Satti

CEO, MeVitae

Alla Babkina

Head of Engineering, Headstart

Paul Stacy

EMEA Automotive Director, LexisNexis

Alex Hatvany

Co-founder, Atom Learning

Ed Molyneux

CEO, FreeAgent

Dr Wei Cui

Co-founder, Squirrel AI

Dr Graeme Smith

SVP External Affairs, Oxbotica

Ian Tufts

CTO, GL Education

Robert Russell

CTO, Senseye

Tech Talks at the CIO Watercooler LIVE, Leeds

Interviews from guests and speakers

Carlo Gualandri

CEO, Soldo

Tuesday's London Tech Week Special - Dan Thompson

CEO, Kluster

Nick Shekerdemian

CEO and CO-Founder at Headstart

James Duez and James Loft

Chairman and CEO at Rainbird and Aigen

Frank Meehan


Jo Hickson


Ed Klinger

CEO at Flock

Andrea Picchi

Lead Exsperiance Designer at Sony Mobile

Callum Rimmer

CTO and Founder at Just Miles

Marc Overton

Global Innovation and Sales at CISCO Jasper MD

Andrew Yeoman

CEO at Concirrus

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