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Genevieve Leveille

CEO, AgriLedger

Alex Tai

CEO, BLOK BioScience

Ken Weber & Jesse Morris

Ripple (Head of Social Impact) & EWF (CCO)

Shahad Choudhury

Co-Founder, OpenBrix

Veronica Celis Vergara

CEO, EnlightAID

Danny Brewster

Founder, FastBitcoins

Hugo Renaudin

CEO, LGO Markets

Katie Mills

Director and Founder at StateZero Labs

Tech Talks at Unbound London - Part 1

Recordings from Day 1

Tech Talks Extra

The view from Level39 part 1

Web Summit 2017 Special - DAY 1

Web Summit 2017 Special - DAY 1

Leanne Kemp

CEO at Everledger

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