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Ed Molyneux

CEO, FreeAgent

Tom McGillycuddy

Co-founder, tickr

Jovi Umawing

Malware Intelligence Analyst, Malwarebytes

Viktor Nebehaj

CMO, Freetrade

Hugo Renaudin

CEO, LGO Markets

Jeremy Nicholds

CEO, Judopay

Peter Briffett

CEO and cofounder, Wagestream

Sophie Theen

Head of HR & Talent, 11:FS

Carlo Gualandri

CEO, Soldo

Edward Cooper

Head of Mobile, Revolut

Tech Talks Extra

The view from Level39 part 2

Tech Talks Extra

The view from Level39 part 1

Megan Caywood

Chief Platform Officer at Starling Bank

Nigel Verdon


Shachar Bialick

Founder and CEO at Curve

Anthony Thomson

Founder and Chairman at Atom Bank

Philip Cox

Head of EMEA and President of UK Branch at Silicon Valley Bank

Jeremy Taylor

Head of Engineering at Growth Street

Chris Gledhill

CEO and CO-Founder at Secco Bank

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