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Wais Shaifta

CEO, Push Doctor

Caroline Hargrove

CTO, Babylon Health

Oren Goldshtein

CEO, Vectorious

Tessa Clarke

Cofounder, OLIO

Pete Trainor

CEO, VALA Health

Santosh Sahu

CEO & Founder

Brian Femminella

CEO, SoundMind

Alexander Young

CEO, Virti

Luis Valente


Dr Anas Nader

CEO & cofounder, Patchwork Health

Farhana and Isabelle

Co-founders, Ketka

Orlando Agrippa

CEO, Draper & Dash

Natalie Banner

'Understanding Patient Data' Lead, Wellcome Trust

Elina Berglund Scherwitzl

CEO, Natural Cycles

Anas Nader

CEO, Patchwork

Max Parmentier

CEO, Birdie

Giles Alexander

CTO, XenZone

Lina Chan

CEO & founder, Adia Health

Rasim Shah

Chief Revenue Officer, OKRA Technologies

Dr Hannah Allen

Associate Medical Director, Babylon Health

Tech Talks visits OpenActive

The community of health tech

Lydia Yarlott

Co-Founder, Forward Health

Helene Guillaume

Founder, Wild AI

Sharon Cooper

CDO at the British Medical Journal

Julie Pelta

Director of Business Development

Hamish Grierson

CEO & CO-Founder

Lloyd Price

COO at Zesty

Keith McNeil


Juliet Bauer

Director of Digital Exsperience at NHS England

Ali Parsa

CEO and Founder Babylon Health

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