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Jameson Lopp

Cypherpunk CTO, Casa

Douglas Lloyd

Cofounder, Azoomee

Sharon Hegarty

Marketing Director, Samsung Electronics

Paul German

CEO, Certes Networks

Ru Roberts

UK Country Manager, Waze

Brett Wigdortz & Edd Read


Amy Adams

VP Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Tech, Cummins Inc.

Neil Dunne & Zach Miller-Frankel

Co-founders, Andrson

Tara Looney

Chief Product Officer, Shaw Academy

Niall Green

CEO, Second Screen

David Ripert

CEO & co-founder, Poplar Studio

Brian Femminella

CEO, SoundMind

Stuart Bannerman

Lead Architect, Tangent

Amir Hashmi

CEO, zsah

Jason Brennan

CEO, Luminance

Alexander Young

CEO, Virti

Bonnie Lister Parsons

CEO, School of SOS

Niall Green

CEO, Second Screen

Phil Perry

Head of UK & Ireland, Zoom

Louise Maynard-Atem

Innovation Specialist, Experian

Mohit Bhende

Cofounder, Karat

Gaurav Dhillon

CEO, SnapLogic

Bruce Grove

CEO, Polystream

WebSummit 2019 Reflections

Looking back at the 2019 conference!

Ryan Edwards

CEO, Audoo

Sophie Devonshire

CEO, The Caffeine Partnership

Will Richardson

Managing Director, Green Element

Wendi Sturgis


Magnus Grimeland

CEO, Antler

Coen Janssen

Co-founder, Hiber

Richard Wheaton

Managing Director, 55

Andy Eva-Dale

Technical Director, Tangent

Ian Tufts

CTO, GL Education

Robert Russell

CTO, Senseye

Katy Medlock

UK Managing Director, Drivy

Kate Levchuk


Jason Dormieux

Global CTO, Wavemaker

Naimish Gohil

Founder & CEO, Satchel

Neil Dunlop

Practice Manager, Infinity Works

Tech Talks Live

GovTech Special

Rachel Coldicutt

CEO, Doteveryone

Christian Beedgen

CTO and co founder at Sumo Logic

Ian Tickle

General Manager EMEA at Domo

Katie Mills

Director and Founder at StateZero Labs

Rachelle Denton

founder, The Storm Collective

Deirdre McGlashan

Chief Digital Officer, MediaCom

Johnny Hugill

Lead Researcher, PUBLIC

Peter Janes

CEO & founder of Shieldpay

More for Web Summit

Lisbon, 2018

Tech Talks at Web Summit

Lisbon, 2018

Tech Talks Extra


Lydia Yarlott

Co-Founder, Forward Health

Simon McCalla

CTO, Nominet UK

Tech Talks at Unbound London - Part 1

Recordings from Day 1

Tech Talks at Unbound London - Part 2

Recordings from Day 2

Daniel Fogg

COO, BuffaloGrid

Polina Frolova-Montano

Cofounder of JOB TODAY

Jan Domanski and Jake Schofield

CTO and CEO, Labstep

Ranjdar Abass

Interim Head of Development, Settled

Tech Talks at the CIO Watercooler LIVE

Interviews from guests and speakers

Damien Lee

Founder, Mr Lee's Noodles

Chris Bradbury

Director of Technology,

Friday's London Tech Week Special - Ashish Shrestha

Head of Information Security, Lebara

Monday's London Tech Week Special - Ben Brabyn

Head, Level39

Ben Falk

Co-Founder, Yo-Da

Clare Jones

CCO, what3words

Dr James Gupta

CEO, Synap

Danny Witter

CEO, Work for Good

Tech Talks Extra

The view from Level39 part 3

Xavier Romanet

Head of Sales Systems at Eurostar

Sebastian Steinhauser

CEO of Parcelly

Tom Gatzen

Co-founder, Ideal Flatmate

Tech Talks Extra

Andy Street Breakfast Event


Technology Advocates and CO-Founder at Workshop4Me

Megan Caywood

Chief Platform Officer at Starling Bank

Simon Douglass

Founder at Curated

Julie Pelta

Director of Business Development

Jonathan Lister

CTO at Pensionbee

Hamish Grierson

CEO & CO-Founder

Christopher Baker-Brian

CO-Founder and CTO at BBOXX

Carol Johnson

IT Director at Telegraph Media Group

Santosh Sahu and Patrick Gallagher

CEO, LastMileLink and CEO, City Sprint Group

Douglas Lloyd

Founder at Azoomee

Nelson Sivalingam

CEO at HowNow

Tech Talks Live Event

Panel Talk and Debate - held at the offices of Daily Telegraph

Web Summit 2017 Special - DAY 2

Web Summit 2017 Special - DAY 2

Web Summit 2017 Special - DAY 1

Web Summit 2017 Special - DAY 1

Chris Taylor


Frank Meehan


Jo Hickson


Chris Michaels

Digital Director at The National Gallery

Edwin Wills and Ryan Harkins

CO-CTO at Rentify

Kelly Waters

CEO at 101Ways

Lloyd Price

COO at Zesty

Paul Dubourg

CO-Founder at Cyber Croissant

Ian Nolan

CCO at Dughout Limited

Ben Wynne-Simmons

Founder at Tantrumxyz

Davide Cervellin

Head of Analytics at Ebay

Craig Strong

VP Global Product at Hubble

Faz Aftab

Online Commercial Direct at ITV

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