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Sheree Atcheson

Global Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Cat Wildman

Cofounder, The Gender Equality Collective

Catherine Wong

Chief Product Officer, Domo

Chloe Drimal

CEO & founder, Yoni Circle

Linda Davidson

Transformation Programme Director

Susie Hargreaves OBE


Kerry Moulton

UK IT Capability Lead

Gabriel & Katya

Cofounders, ClearPeople

Chase Buckle

Trends Manager, GlobalWebIndex

Niall Green

CEO, Second Screen

Nadine Thomson

Global CTO, MediaCom

Pialy Aditya

Chief Strategy Officer, Republic

Bonnie Lister Parsons

CEO, School of SOS

Dr. Cara Antoine

Chair, Women in Tech (Netherlands)

Graeme Hackland

CIO, Williams F1 Team

Devika Wood

Cofounder, I Am Arla

Sophia Chambers-Dixon

Lead Engineer, Egress Software Technologies

Hephzi Pemberton

CEO, Equality Group

Pip Wilson

CEO, Amicable

Louise Maynard-Atem

Innovation Specialist, Experian

Vanessa Madu

Founder, ProjectInsight

Holly Boothroyd

Founder, HerHelloWorld

Audrey Pe

Founder, WITech

Charlotte Willis

Head of Governance IPS, Schroders

Sonya Barlow

Founder, LMF

Wincie Wong & Burcu Karabork

Cofounders, Girls Can Code

Caroline Codsi

President, Women in Governance

Amber Coster

Founder, Balpro

Dina Bayasanova

CEO, PitchMe

Estelle Jackson

Global Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Lead, Poly

Sonya Barlow

Founder, Like Minded Females

Carolyn Stebbings

Managing Director, CodeWorldwide

Thea Mayes

Account Executive, ServiceNow

Elina Berglund Scherwitzl

CEO, Natural Cycles

Vanessa Vallely OBE

Managing Director, WeAreTheCity

Dr Jessica Barker

Co-CEO, Cygenta

Elizabeth Tweedale

Founder, Cypher

Darren Goode

President (Corporate & Commercial), Elvie

Alastair Brown

London Chair at Byte Night

Tech Talks Live!

Episode 200

Nisha Deo

Head of Communications, Rainbird Technologies

Viktor Nebehaj

CMO, Freetrade

Jay Richards

Founder & CEO, DivInc

Tom Butterworth

Managing Director, Silicon Valley Bank

Ayumi Aoki

Founder, Women in Tech

Lina Chan

CEO & founder, Adia Health

Rachel Coldicutt

CEO, Doteveryone

Dr Hannah Allen

Associate Medical Director, Babylon Health

Ricardo Fernandez

Head of New Businesses and Strategic Partnerships, Prodigy Finance

Kelly Waters

CEO and founder, 101 Ways

Rioch Edwards-Brown

Founder, So You Wanna Be In TV?

Hayley Sudbury

CEO, werkin

Nicole Dezen

General Manager, Microsoft

Kate Ward

Executive Vice-President, Refinery29

Gemma Lloyd


Helene Guillaume

Founder, Wild AI

Tech Talks Live

London Technology Week Special!

Russ Shaw

Founder, Tech London Advocates


Technology Advocates and CO-Founder at Workshop4Me

Eleanor O'Neill

CIO at Workshare

Dr Sue Black

Founder #Techmums

Tech Talks Live Event

Panel Talk and Debate - held at the offices of Daily Telegraph

Cat Wildman

Director of Product, Telegraph Media Group

Chris Taylor


Jan Gooding


Alexandra Depledge

Chair at Coadec

Monique Shivanandan

Cheif Technologist at Aviva

Alexandra Birtles

Head of Loyalty Strategy at Talk Talk

Meri Williams

CTO at Moo

Faz Aftab

Online Commercial Direct at ITV

Christina Scott

CTO at News UK

Nicola Combe

Product Manager at Hive

George Ell

Country Director at Tesla Motors

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