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Peter Janes

CEO & founder of Shieldpay

More for Web Summit

Lisbon, 2018

Tessa Clarke

Co-founder and CEO, OLIO

Peter Briffett

CEO and cofounder, Wagestream

Jonathan Richards

CEO of breatheHR

Florent Malbranche and Jean Lebrument

Co-Founders, Brigad

Alex Price

Founder, 93digital

Tech Talks at Unbound London - Part 1

Recordings from Day 1

Tech Talks at Unbound London - Part 2

Recordings from Day 2

Alan Edwards

Founder, Clipkick

Jan Domanski and Jake Schofield

CTO and CEO, Labstep

Damien Lee

Founder, Mr Lee's Noodles

Thursday's London Tech Week Special - Richard Goold

Head of Fast Growth, EY

Tech Talks Live

London Technology Week Special!

Ben Falk

Co-Founder, Yo-Da

Clare Jones

CCO, what3words

Dr James Gupta

CEO, Synap

Danny Witter

CEO, Work for Good

Alex Sullivan

Founder & CEO

Tech Talks Live supported by DataArt

Live from TechHub London - 12.4.2018

Dom Hallas

Executive Director, Coadec

Tech Talks Extra

The view from Level39 part 3

Tech Talks Extra

The view from Level39 part 2

Tech Talks Extra

The view from Level39 part 1

Christopher Platts

Founder and CEO of ThriveMap

Sebastian Steinhauser

CEO of Parcelly

Tom Gatzen

Co-founder, Ideal Flatmate

Nick Shekerdemian

CEO and CO-Founder at Headstart

Megan Caywood

Chief Platform Officer at Starling Bank

Simon Douglass

Founder at Curated

Gideon Carroll

Founder at EdgePetrol

Jonathan Lister

CTO at Pensionbee

Hamish Grierson

CEO & CO-Founder

Christopher Baker-Brian

CO-Founder and CTO at BBOXX

Santosh Sahu and Patrick Gallagher

CEO, LastMileLink and CEO, City Sprint Group

Douglas Lloyd

Founder at Azoomee

Jordan Fantaay

Founder and CTO at Fantoo

Nelson Sivalingam

CEO at HowNow

James Duez and James Loft

Chairman and CEO at Rainbird and Aigen

Olga Egorsheva

CEO and Co-Founder Lobster

Web Summit 2017 Special - DAY 2

Web Summit 2017 Special - DAY 2

Web Summit 2017 Special - DAY 1

Web Summit 2017 Special - DAY 1

Hussein Kanji

Managing Partner, Hoxton Ventures

Nigel Verdon


Pheobe Hugh


Renaud Million


Tom Yeomans


Edwin Wills and Ryan Harkins

CO-CTO at Rentify

Alex Potter

Venture Creation at The Bakery Creation

Shachar Bialick

Founder and CEO at Curve

Paul Dubourg

CO-Founder at Cyber Croissant

Ian Nolan

CCO at Dughout Limited

Alexandra Depledge

Chair at Coadec

Ben Wynne-Simmons

Founder at Tantrumxyz

Tim Groot

Co-Founder and CEO at Grip

Rich Pearce

CTO at Crowdcube

Callum Rimmer

CTO and Founder at Just Miles

Stephen Thair

Co- Founder at DevopsGuys

Scott Dodson

Chief Product Officer at Lingvist

Jeremy Taylor

Head of Engineering at Growth Street

Richard Sharp

CTO at Yieldify

Dominic List

CEO and Founder at Comtact

Hung Lee

CEO and CO-Founder at

Kate Hamer

Managing Director at Kate Hamer Limited

Edd Read

CTO and CO-Founder at

Chris Gledhill

CEO and CO-Founder at Secco Bank

Ted Nash

CEO and CO-Founder at Tapdaq

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